Early Potatoes

There is nothing quite like new potatoes boiled and drenched in butter.

Ours are as local as possible and the variety varies with the season as we buy in each week to ensure freshness.

Normally first up are the Rocket variety (pictured).  We think these are the most flavoursome and often come from just down the road in Denver.   The season for these is very short and normally we only have them for two or three weeks.  Maris Bard are usually next and whilst not quite the same – they are still superb.  Many of our customers come to us for these as they believe they are better than Jersey Royals which we don’t stock.

The new potato season ends, for us at least, with Wilja potatoes.  These are not generally found in supermarkets as they don’t fit what they believe you should have as, apparently, the skin is slightly rougher.  We have never had anyone comment and we sell an awful lot.

Main crop

The staple of many UK diets is potatoes in one form or another.

As you would expect, we source ours from the most local farm and are lucky to have several neighbours to supply us. The season starts around September when they normally start harvesting and then from specialist on farm stores until May/June time dependant on variety.

Maris Piper is often seen as the favourite for many.  They are good all round potatoes and still very popular.  When they are available, you can buy them from us by the kilogram or in 5kg and 25kg bags.

Ramos is becoming our most popular all purpose potato.  Whilst the name is not so well known, it doesn’t have the issue with boiling into mash that some people see as a problem with Maris Piper.  When it is available, you can buy it from us by the kilogram or in 5kg and 25kg bags.

Picasso was the alternative for those who didn’t want Maris Pipers.  Most of our customers have now moved to Ramos instead but for the loyal followers we can normally get these in to order in bags of 25kg

Baking Potatoes

Baked in the oven, then drenched in butter and perhaps freshly made coleslaw these are a very economic meal.

We stock Harmony potatoes grown by a neighbouring farm (although Maris Piper and Ramos could be used we think Harmony tastes better!).  Sold by the Kilogram you can pick the size you want and you will often be able to find spuds much larger than typically stocked by the supermarkets.

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